Midea Group Awarded One of the TOP 50 Sustainable Development Industrial Enterprises in 2022 by Forbes

In February 2023, Forbes released its “2022 Forbes China Top 50 Sustainable Development Industrial Enterprises” list and Midea Group was prominently featured; recognised for its exceptional achievements in green manufacturing, sustainable development, carbon neutrality and ESG construction.

TOP 50 Sustainable Development Industrial Enterprises by 2022 Forbes

To qualify for this list, Forbes looked at five separate indicators, specifically “management system, technological innovation, comprehensive benefits, resource allocation, and demonstration & promotion”.

Satisfying each of the five specifications, Midea was honoured to be included in the 2022 edition of this prestigious list. Since the launching of the 1st air conditioner in 1985, Midea has continued to cultivate its sustainable development approach. In fact, Midea has kept up an unwavering resolution towards its stakeholders by keeping the concept of sustainable development at the heart of each and every level of production and operation.

To achieve both a green office and low-cost carbon production, Midea’s New Industrial Park in Shunde uses distributed PV systems, energy storage equipment, high-efficiency HVAC equipment (including the new V8 VRF systems), LINVOL digital intelligent elevators, energy recovery modules, and automated production lines. The measures adopted by this industrial park have earned it LEED & WELL certifications. Thanks to its iBUILDING digital platform, the carbon management system and power grid system are fully integrated, whilst carbon neutrality has also been achieved in the office area.

Midea’s Chongqing Factory presently makes use of over 15 green and energy-saving technologies, 8 digital scene applications, and 3 green certifications, and also holds access to over 10 information systems. Additionally, this factory has substantially boosted the percentage of clean energy and green electricity by installing roof PV panels, photovoltaic curtain walls, and solar streetlights. As a result, Midea’s factory in Chongqing has been granted PAS2060 carbon neutral certification and become one of Midea’s very first zero-carbon pilot plants.

With so many environmentally conscious systems in place, as well as consistently manufacturing air conditioners that feature state-of-the-art green technology, Midea continues to be a pioneer in the air conditioning industry. This recognition by Forbes is simply another acknowledgment of its continuous efforts and unwavering commitment towards the environment.

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