Midea Pro Partner Seminar 2021

Malta’s official agents and distributors for Midea Air Conditioners, held an informative seminar exclusively for members of the Midea Pro Partner programme

Midea Air App is an integrated mobile application published by Midea for its premium residential air conditioning units.

Back in June 2021, Kencar Group, Malta’s official agent and distributor for Midea Air Conditioners, held an informative seminar exclusively for members of the Midea Pro Partner programme. The Midea Pro Partner programme is an initiative aimed to identify Malta’s best air conditioning installers and help them increase sales, offer training, and support through Midea’s strong appeal as the world’s no.1 air conditioning brand. Interested? This could be you!

The scope of the seminar was to showcase all the various initiatives and new technology that Midea has invested in to consolidate its strong position and product offerings. Curious? Keep on reading to find out more!

Here are the main highlights you need to know about Midea Air Conditioners and or local Pro Partner Programme.

New Midea Air Conditioners Website

New year, new site. The first item on the itinerary was www.midea.mt – Midea’s official and only website for Malta which was launched earlier this year. The attendees were given an overview of this advanced website including sections dedicated exclusively for Midea Pro Partners. The brand-new website also includes a super convenient online warranty registration for installers as well as detailed technical manuals of the latest models from Midea.

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New Warranty and Servicing Policy

The world’s no.1 air conditioning brand is now offering a warranty unlike any other! Midea Pro partners were made aware of Midea’s latest leap forward – offering Malta’s first 7-year warranty on all Midea split-type wall mounted air conditioners. No, that’s not a typo. We’re offering you a 7-year warranty. This new policy is an embodiment of the quality and reliability that Midea stands for and gives homeowners and installers alike greater peace of mind. Midea’s Pro Partners will benefit from an extra competitive edge in the air conditioner industry.

After Sales and Technical Support

The third item on the itinerary was a two-way discussion on Midea’s after sales restructuring. Notwithstanding the quality of Midea air conditioners, issues do occur and Midea goes to extreme lengths to ensure these are sorted out in the best and quickest way possible. I mean, we don’t want to end up with a non-functional air conditioner in Malta’s scorching summer heat. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure you won’t have to either.

Thanks to this restructuring process that was carried out in collaboration with our partners, Midea can now ensure the best possible service to its clients and Midea Pro Partners by maintaining a consistent stock level of spare parts and reducing unnecessary paperwork and bureaucracy. Midea is constantly upgrading and keeping its services up to speed to ensure Midea’s position as the best rated air conditioners in Malta.

Air Conditioning Installations

Professional air conditioning installations is what Midea Pro Partners do best. However, at Midea we do our best to bring about the latest guidelines that contribute to a swifter process and ensure that installations are executed with great workmanship. During the seminar different aspects of quality control were demonstrated which include;

  • Refrigerant handling
  • Pressure testing
  • Electrical requirements
  • Being equipped with the right tools for the job
  • Clean, safe, hassle free installations
  • Correct sizing of air conditioning units
  • On-line registration of warranties
  • Importance of preventive maintenance

All this attention to detail ensures higher quality of work by all our partners which mutually contributes to Client satisfaction and their growth as individual entrepreneurs.

Midea employs over 150,000 employees world-wide and thousands more in partner programmes. During seminars like these, we take it upon ourselves to ensure that the safety of all our employees and partners is safeguarded all the time.

Midea Pro Partner Support

Midea makes sure to support its partners with a holistic approach. During the seminar we explored all the different resources that the Midea Pro Partners have access to – and there’s no shortage of resources. These include promotional material, technical brochures, servicing manuals, and basic fault-finding guidance on the new Restricted Area on www.midea.mt. This area was created in order to foster the skills of all Midea Pro Partners.

Midea Malta offers sales support to all Partners that includes free on-site visits and assistance in quoting for VRF systems and other large scale or complex installations.

That’s not all. Midea Malta also supports its partners by assisting in setting up social media platforms, provide logos and the production of other creatives, media and other advertising material.

Midea Air Mobile App

Convenience is sought after in all aspects of life and Midea has managed to usher in an amazing level of functionality in its air conditioners thanks the the Midea Air App. We can finally stop turning over every sofa cushion trying to find the remote, only to find out it was in the kitchen the entire time (I swear mine grew legs at some point). This app can be easily downloaded on any smartphone and will allow users to;

  • Control their Midea Air Conditioners with comfort and efficiency from anywhere, anytime
  • Special Functions and User Interface Design
  • Customising the air conditioner performance to sleep patterns (Sleep Curve)
  • Auto switch by setting up time scheduling

The midea.mt website also includes video tutorials on the setting up and usage of the Midea Air App

A member of the Midea Pro Partner programme.

Midea = the no.1 air conditioning brand

The seminar came to a conclusion by discussing Midea’s strongest selling points (and believe me when I say, shortlisting was not easy).

All Midea Pro Partner members know and experience first-hand the real reasons why Midea is the no. 1 Air Conditioning brand and the strongest brand in terms of technology and Innovation. We strive to remain the superior option in comparison to all air conditioner brands in Malta thanks to the service of our righthand – our Pro Partners.  Which partners are considered as our trusted colleagues, likewise, our friends.

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