5 Reasons Why Midea Has the Most Efficient Heating System

From the cold and chilly homes in winter, Maltese homes need help reaching the perfect balance between hot and cold temperatures. Leading many homeowners to consider investing in the most efficient heating systems.

There are many reasons why Midea’s air-conditioning units are the best choice for this winter season. This award-winning brand offers you a choice of the most efficient heating systems on the market and, thanks to these units’ cooling capabilities, you may even use Midea ACs in summer to keep the warm air at bay.

For sure, a Midea unit is an investment that keeps on giving and we simply can’t get enough of this brand’s incredible range of ACs. Still unconvinced? We’ve got you covered with our list of top 5 reasons why you should choose a Midea air conditioner this winter to heat up your home.

Top Reasons Why Midea Has the Most Efficient Heating System

1.    A+++ Energy Efficiency All Through the Night

When searching for the most efficient heating system available, picking an air-conditioner with a good efficiency rating is a great way to start. Apart from keeping your energy bill nice and low, it is a sustainable option that is less harmful to the environment. When it comes to the Midea brand, sustainability and energy efficiency is always at the heart of its products and innovations, making Midea ACs the best choice every time.

Most of Midea’s air conditioners come with an A+++ rating and SmartSavE Technology that allows you to use 60% less of your household energy. Thanks to Midea’s cutting-edge SmartSavE technology, the inverter compressor operates more efficiently, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable temperature as you work, watch tv or sleep soundly through the night.

With their Xtreme SavE Pro range, Midea up-scales its efficiency offerings even further! Using the revolutionary Eco Function, an Xtreme SavE Pro air-conditioner can save you up to 71% of your energy consumption. By means of its intelligent on-off technology, the Midea Xtreme is able to switch to energy-saving mode automatically and adjust to its surroundings as you sleep comfortably through the night.

2.    Heating Mode

Not every air-conditioning system has the ability to heat up a room as efficiently as it cools it down. With many AC units, the focus is on keeping users cool during the hot summer months but, for countries where both the heat and the cold are felt acutely throughout the year, an air-conditioning unit that features an equally efficient heating system is an absolute must.

Midea’s air conditioning range is designed to cater for both extremes and, come winter, its convenient heating mode can transform your home into a comfortable safe harbour that shelters you from the chilly winter air. As efficient in heating mode as it is in cooling mode, Midea helps you blur the line between good and bad weather with the press of a button.

3.   Space Saving

Whilst picking the most efficient heating system on the market is essential, you’ll also need a unit that doesn’t take up too much space in your home. Since Midea’s air-conditioning units have the dual function of both heating and cooling, you’ll only need one unit to keep your comfortable throughout all the seasons. Whether you need to stay cool or warm, the answer is just a click of a button away, without requiring you to switch between bulky equipment that needs to be stored away when not in use. To top it all off, unlike traditional heaters, a Midea AC is wall mounted and out of your way, saving you much needed space all year round!

4.    Low Noise Levels

Midea air conditioners are designed to enhance your comfort by regulating a room’s temperature and creating a tranquil environment that is free from loud and disruptive noises. In fact, this brand’s efficient HVAC units have superior heating and cooling capabilities which operate in serene silence. Thanks to its low noise levels, Midea gives you the power to transform any space into a cosy oasis where you may relax or work free from noisy distractions.

5.    Award-Winning and Eurovent Certified Brand

The Midea brand is an internationally respected brand that boasts Eurovent Certification and has won multiple awards over the years.

Founded in 1993, the Eurovent Certita Certification is a world leader in “the field of third-party product performance certification for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration products”. In recognition of Midea’s high-quality and energy efficient products, this certification board has awarded this brand with the Eurovent certification to assure buyers of the quality and efficiency of their purchase.

Yet, when purchasing a Midea air-conditioner you are also investing in an award-winning brand. Each year Midea wins over 40 awards at various global design shows, including Red Dot, iF, and Good Design Awards. In fact, this brand has firmly established itself as a pioneer in its field by supporting new innovations and consistently launching new and better products.

Kencar is the authorised distributor in Malta for Midea air conditioners. To benefit from Midea’s most efficient heating systems and pick the best model for you, browse all of Midea’s wall-mounted units by clicking here or else, get in touch with the Kencar team at [email protected] or +356 2138 2091.

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